Sunny Side Studios was built as a state-of-the-art facility offering optimum sound for recording, mixing and mastering. We went above and beyond to achieve our vision with the stellar designs of Thomas Jouanjean from Northward Acoustics.
Located near the center of Brussels, 10 minutes from the international railway station and 20 minutes from the national airport makes it easy to book a session and meet with artists/musicians from over the globe. The premises offer privacy in a quiet neighbourhood and are fully isolated from exterior sounds. All the rooms are noise free. Featuring a fine-tuned control room with ATC, KRK & Auratone monitoring, no detail will go unnoticed while listening, editing, mixing or mastering. An extra large window gives continuous line of sight to our live room for ideal communication when recording your vocals or a full band. A separate production room offers extra writing, recording, arranging and mixing capabilities.


Our 60m2 live room is suitable for a wide range of applications : from solo vocals, VO, backing vocals, string quartets, horn sections, drums, rhythm sections or full band, the exquisite acoustics will make your instruments sound at their best. It features a dry drum/booth corner that can be closed off as well as a warm medium room sound in the main part of the room. A boutique selection of preamplifiers and microphones offer a wide tonal palette. Vintage drumkit (Premier 1970s) and various amps are at your disposal (Fender, Faylon…). Piano lovers can take advantage of our fully restored 1896 Blüthner 1/2 grand piano.

Mixing &

These services are provided in our world-class control room. From mix to 3D formats (immersive audio), including Dolby Atmos & Sony 360 RA, mastering for streaming and premastering for vinyl…we’ve got you covered.

for artists
and labels

We welcome you for all your creative needs in a studio with exceptional acoustics, a modern high-end design with a soul echoing the golden age of recording studios. Suitable for writing camps, songwriting & preproduction, full-band live recording, artist workshops…

Bring a new dimension to your music with 3D audio formats including Dolby Atmos and 360RA, the new standards in immersive audio.

Home of
The Bionix

The Bionix have worked with some of the greatest artists of our time, including M Pokora, Magic System, Fally Ipupa, Stromae, Maîtres Gims, Orelsan, Janet Jackson & Nelly, Mylène Farmer, Kendji Girac & the legendary Black Eyed Peas, in addition up and coming names like Bramsito, Poupie, and Palmer, to name a few.
The Bionix draw inspiration from their diverse cultural backgrounds and musical influences; fused together to form the various elements needed to produce hits and powerful musical experiences. The Bionix remain passionate about every aspect of the process, from writing to producing, recording and mixing.